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  • Collection: Images from the Preserving Bay Area Dance Legacies project

Carolyn Houser and Dance Spectrum in a performance of Carlos Carvajal's Golden Rain, circa 1970s

Diana Robertson and Cliff Keuter in Welland Lathrop's "White Writing"

Madelynne Green's Festival Workshop portrait, 1951 in costume for a performance of Accordion Serenade. Carlos Carvajal is in center with Madelynne Green as her partner.

Carlos Carvajal as the African Prince (for the Rose Adagio) in a performance of Grand Ballet de Marquis de Cuevas's Sleeping Beauty, circa 1961

Welland Lathrop and Ethel Winter in Lathrop's work, "This is His Birthday"

Welland Lathrop, Angela Kennedy, and Helen McGenee in Lathrop's "This is His Birthday"

Portrait from Life magazine featuring June Watanabe (then Tsukida) and Sylverline Edgerton rehearsing Orders of the Air while at University of California, Los Angeles, 1957

Cover of "Let's Dance" The Magazine of Folk & Square Dancing", featuring Carlos Carvajal in Scottish dance attire, November 1954. The image of Carvajal was taken of when he participated in competition in Sonoma, California, superimposed upon theā€¦

June Watanabe in a performance of Alonzo King's Solo, 1986

Katherine Warner and Virgil Pearson Smith as the Young Woman and Young Man from Death's Pawn in a performance of Carlos Carvajal's Totentanz, undated
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