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  • Collection: Images from the Preserving Bay Area Dance Legacies project

Gary Palmer Dance Company in "Suitcases and Strangers", 1992

Portrait of Lucas Hoving in promotion for Men Dancing, circa 1982-1984

Joe Alter, Amanda Goldman, Todd Courage, Melissa Moss, Eileen McCullogh in a performance of Gary Palmer's Suitcases and Strangers, 1992

Gary Palmer Dance Company in a performance of Suitcases and Strangers, featuring Amanda Goldman, Joe Alter, and Melissa Moss. 

Gary Palmer portrait for promotion of the Gary Palmer Dance Company at the Centerspace 10th Anniversary Celebration

Carlos Carvajal in a performance of Jean Derac's "The Tragedy of Orpheus" with the Bremen Opera, circa 1961-1963

Rael Lamb and Bruce Bain in a performance of Carlos Carvajal's "Totentanz", at the Grace Cathedral, 1982. This was the final performance for Dance Spectrum

Anton Ness as "Death" in a perfromance of Caros Carvajal's "Totentanz" at Grace Cathedral, 1971

Dance Spectrum in a performance of Carlos Carvajal's Facade, circa 1970s. Perfomers pictured include Carolyn Houser Carvajal, Carlos Carvajal, Bruce Bain, and Virgil Pearson Smith.

Carlos Carvajal as the African Prince (for the Rose Adagio) in a performance of Grand Ballet de Marquis de Cuevas's Sleeping Beauty, circa 1961
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